Freshers Jobs Tips

So you are a fresher looking for a job. Don’t confuse to how achieve your aim because now India economics positions are fine. Currently many company hired fresher candidate and provide all facility.  So at time need you focused on some points Target your dream startup, Grab every opportunity, Get yourself noticed, Elevator pitch in fast forward mode and Follow up; perseverance is key...

Target your dream startup(s)

Having a finger in every pie may seem like a great way to start your startup job hunt. After all, as they say – “Kahin na kahin se kuchh to milega.” But this is an approach I would highly warn against. 
Grab every opportunity
It is not that startups don’t want to employ freshers. But let’s be practical – the number of freshers applying to startups outweighs the number of such job opportunities manifold.
Get yourself noticed
Entrepreneurs are egoistic… And why shouldn’t they be? They have taken a plunge that few dare to take and are genuinely creating value – be it in terms of jobs created or financial returns generated. 
Elevator pitch in fast forward mode
If entrepreneurs need an elevator pitch to grab mindshare of a busy investor, a fresher should think of an opportunity to speak to the startup founders as a stop on the (in)famous Mumbai local trains. The opportunity is brief, the crowd is huge and talking to you is far from being their first priority. 
Follow up; perseverance is key
If you have got yourself noticed, have made your pitch to the startup and think that your job is done, you are sadly mistaken. Even if the entrepreneur really liked you, chances are that once he/ she gets back to work, your profile will get lost in the deluge of work that will engulf them.